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Will looks like a really confused puppy

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@willjayIM5: this is my "walking to the dentist's office" face
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June 1: Recording Artists IM5 arrive at Disney Star Ryan Ochoa’s ‘Swagged Out’ 18th Birthday Party at Avalon on June 1, 2014 in Hollywood, California.

David in Band Camp 4


Anytime Will posts a picture to twitter I have to go to instagram and check what he wrote for the caption there because they are always different and always make me smile

IM5 Prince AU: Pretentious. Withdrawn. Devoted. Wholesome. Warmhearted.

A prince can be a lot of things but their personality defines them the most. Life isn’t always easy even when you can have practically anything in the palm of your hands in an instant. Trust, love and betrayal are all at risk. However, that never crosses their minds – their own happy ending is what they strive for. They take any and all measurements needed to get what they want.

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oh hey gabe

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 True fact: Gabe’s smile fuels the sun.

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